Movesets for various Pokémon have been changed. For example Gyarados can no longer be found with the move Dragon Breath.

Pokémon GO Balance Changes for August 19th

Note! Your existing Pokémon will not have their moves changed, this only applies to newly found Pokémon.

Pokémon Old Move New Move
Chansey Psybeam Hyper Beam
Diglett Mud Shot Mud Slap
Dugtrio Mud Shot Mud Slap
Gengar Sludge Wave Sludge Bomb
Golem Mud Shot Mud Slap
Graveler Mud Shot Mud Slap
Grimer Acid Poison Jab
Gyarados Dragon Breath -
Hitmonlee Stomp Brick Break
Jigglypuff Play Rough Dazzling Gleam
Koffing Acid -
Mew Hurricane Blizzard
Mew Moonblast -
Muk Acid Lick
Omastar Rock Throw Mud Shot
Porygon Quick Attack Zen Headbutt
Seel Water Gun Lick
Starmie Quick Attack Tackle
Staryu Quick Attack Tackle
Weezing Acid -

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First Release: July 6th, 2016